ICC cricket world cup-2019 (England & Wales)

We all are waiting for this event (ICC cricket world cup-2019) hungrily as we all know that this is gonna be a huge heart-pumping show 🙂 and waiting from a very long time for our dude cricketer! (well!!! mine is Thala Dhoni) to kill this opportunity badly and, we want this trophy to be delivered to our home. So “Team!” This is your turn to prove that you guys are the best delivery boys of this World cup and come on now, bring the trophy to India. Now we can’t wait anymore.

This is our Eidy but this time we are just trying to pretend like a nice bro. So we let this to be pending. But don’t ever try to forget it. We know you got it.
And always remember one thing in your life if I love you, as a result, you will have to love me back too else you are simply dead.

Love and blessings from our side to our dearest “Indian cricket team.”

New jercy of Indian cricket team 2019
New Jersey of India is introduced.
ICC trophy tour 2019

Dates:                                    30 May–14 July

Administrator(s) :               One Day International

Tournament format(s):     Round-robin and Knockout

Host(s):                                 England &  Wales

Participants:                        10

Matches played:                 48


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  1. Ankit says:

    Wow!!! it’s cool.

  2. Varun Gopal says:

    nice work…

  3. Zareen says:

    It’s not enough…

  4. Kaif says:

    You need to update this

  5. Kaif says:

    Kab se start ho rha hai World Cup

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