Election updates: Result of General Election-2019 ???

Democracy or just a fight for the throne.

2019 Indian general election
Modi & Rahul Gandhi having a really tough fight.
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The day arrived and now everyone’s eyes set on these guys. — (Election updates)

Black or white whatever, this is the end. This is the most awaited scene of the movie. Let’s try to analyze this. On the 23rd of May-19, the upcoming result is driving some guys crazy and, making them scared. Politicians and Public both are scared of what is gonna come through. When I said the result of the election it doesn’t mean that who is going to be the Prime minister of India it’s just about being farsighted. Actually does not matter that who will win the battle tomorrow. I simply meant whoever wins. Are they going to work for us? As their existence is supposed for the people.

Unfortunately, we would see more rallies with huge pomp and show. and Ya for sure there would be hundreds of decades and thousands of promises also. So get ready! on your mark now let’s jump in the gutter again.

WOW!!! what a feeling.

I know this is going to be a very hard time but don’t worry guys there are many solutions already available for the future circumstances.
  • Let’s fight together.
  • Let’s kill each other.
  • Blame each other and abuse, this is the time we wanted eagerly.
  • Let’s kick your ass by yourself and you can definitely get the moral support by each other.
  • Let’s make groups and just create the farts louder.
  • Let’s make a joke, A joke of education, administration, constitution, and a joke of our country before the whole world.

It’s a really sad reality that we are making a joke of humanity, and the worst part is that we don’t even realize it. We are destroying the stepping stone of our culture and the great constitution of India.

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