The biggest lie of this world is “Life”.

Dear zindagi (life)
Love you Zindagi (life)

Sometimes I just keep asking my self what is this shit? beauty or duty or it may be the beauty of duty.

Beginning from the beginning … Life! what is it supposed to be? Is it a scientific algorithm or romantic poetry? I think it is sort of very confusing emotions. The emotions behind happiness, behind the game-changing experiences. Sometimes we’re gonna feel that it sucks. and Sometimes we are as much happy that we want to hide our happiness, our feelings and emotions or people will be burned away and maybe they can grab our happiness from us.

I always get confused about life. I just want to ask her, tell me who are you? Ok! just tell me how should I consider you, Are you a gift for me? Or someone did the charity.

But as usual, she never replies to me.

  • Let us see how long she does not answer me?
  • How many time does it suck?
  • How many times it’s gonna dump me?
  • How long it is quiet? and as people say that a language exists behind the silence too, so ya I am definitely gonna wait for those words and that language consideration.

But maybe, Life replies to us but we can’t reach that frequency.

  • Maybe it’s telling us to not get worried about the origin.
  • Maybe it’s saying that you’re beautiful, so you don’t need to find out the beauty.
  • Maybe it keeps shouting that please love your Zindagi (Life).
  • Maybe it’s the name of being stronger when you feel weaker.
  • Maybe it’s giving us the hand but we are scared of a handshake. Which means that we are just a handshake away from it.

Maybe she is shouting that when you would start loving your life.

Life would love you back too.

Childhood rox!

(Life is awesome) Love you Zindagi 🙂

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6 Responses

  1. Zareen says:

    Heart touching👍

  2. Haridas says:

    Life is a mystery. It is passing so fast, that everyday we become older. It offers few friends and relationships in between, ultimately becoming stale. We need more and different people to relate.
    The purpose of life is to be peaceful and not to swell when we have joy, and not to shrink when sad. They say after a day night comes and goes on like that, but some times, we are stuck in such a way that nights are too long. Joy’s are fleeting moments.
    We are plagued by hunger and different needs and wants which keeps us to work and fight for them. We don’t mind snatching from others, who have this.
    We see so many in this world, who are organs or don’t have nobody, no house, living on the streets with no possessions, I wonder what has brought them to that state. I don’t know what can be done about them . No govt schemes touch them, like electricity, gas connections, health facilities, subsidies on food.

  3. far from the real life near to fairytale

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